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Your Government Web & Application Partner

Navigating the digital landscape as a government buyer can be a complex endeavor, but with Morningside, it doesn’t have to be. Based in Appomattox, Virginia, we’re specialists in crafting tailor-made web solutions, applications, email, and cloud systems for government entities. Our deep comprehension of government procurement policies and budgetary cycles ensures that partnering with us isn’t just about top-notch technology—it’s about ease of purchase and a streamlined experience tailored to the unique demands of public sector operations.

How We Help

Beyond simply offering top-tier digital solutions, Morningside promises a holistic approach to digital management. This means we stand by your side throughout the technology journey, be it purchasing and renewing domain names, securing SSL certificates, managing subscriptions, or designing robust, scalable hosting infrastructures. Trusted by federal, state, and local agencies alike, Morningside is the definitive choice for government bodies seeking seamless digital solutions and unparalleled service.

Purchasing Information

Procurement assistance for websites, domain names, and digital services for Commonwealth of Virginia Executive Branch Agencies and local boards, commissions, and authorities.

Our Model

Straightforward Procurement
We understand the unique needs and constraints of public sector buyers and can accommodate various payment methods, contract terms, and renewal frequencies.

Holistic Management
We handle everything from the migration of content from your existing website to designing, developing, and maintaining the new site on our platform. Our comprehensive services ensure a smooth transition and continuous support for all your website needs.

Safeguard Organizational Knowledge
Employee transitions can introduce disruptions to your digital processes. As your longterm partner, Morningside ensures continuity by preventing isolated accounts, misplaced domain names, and loss of critical data. Our comprehensive archiving and retention services provide a meticulous ledger of your online accounts, subscription services, domain names, and email users.

Domain Name and Subscription Renewal Management
We manage your domain renewals, eliminating the need for annual credit card transactions and cumbersome paperwork.

Accessibility & Compliance
All of our public-sector website builds are 508 Compliant, allowing individuals with disabilities to access your website’s pages and files effortlessly, enhancing citizen engagement.

Microsoft 365 & Outlook Email Management
With Microsoft-certified professionals on board, we provide configuration and ongoing management services for your email, cloud storage, and Office solutions.

Addon Services

Enhance your reach with multilingual content.

Semantic Search
Optimize on-site search functionality for user-friendly navigation.

Document Management
Maintain and organize essential documents securely.

Archiving & FOIA
Webpage and application archiving in compliance with the Virginia Freedom of Information Act

Who We Serve

Executive Branch Agencies and Commissions
Cities, Counties, and Towns
Constitutional Officers
Soil and Water Conservation Districts
Health Districts
Career and Technical Student Organizations
Planning Districts
Economic Development Authorities