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We are the first service provider exclusively focused on preparing public sector records for structured data applications.

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Show me records relating to 219 Plant Drive

Who was Town Manager in 2007?

Please publish the 2022 business license list to our open data portal.

Are there any records scheduled for deletion?

I have a FOIA request asking for all public records mentioning the library between August 1 and December 31, 2023.

Are there any PPI / PHI documents in the data intake folder?

Semantic Search

Boost staff productivity with quick, accurate information retrieval.

Open Data

Build public trust by providing easy access to government data.

PII Detection

Automatically detect and manage sensitive information including protected health information (PHI), personally identifiable information (PII), and personnel records.

Compliance & Retention

Maintain regulatory compliance with contextual monitoring. Implement automatic records retention and disposal policies with state and federal guidelines built-in.

FOIA Response

Simplify the FOIA response process with entity reporting.

Town of Midways

Minutes – Tuesday, August 9, 2024

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by Mayor Jane Phillips.


Roll Call:

  • Mayor Jane Phillips, Present
  • Council Member Sarah Johnson, Present
  • Council Member Michael Thompson, Present
  • Council Member Emily Davis, Present
  • Council Member Robert Brown, Present
  • Council Member Laura Martinez, Present

New Business

Approval of the 2025 Budget Proposal:

  • Discussion on the allocation of funds for infrastructure improvements.
  • Proposal for increasing the budget for public safety.
  • Motion to approve the budget was made by Council Member Sarah Johnson and seconded by Council Member Michael Thompson.
  • The motion was unanimously approved.

Community Center Renovation Plan:

  • Presentation of the proposed renovation plan for the Midways Community Center by the Director of Public Works.
  • Discussion on the timeline and budget for the renovation.
  • Motion to proceed with the renovation plan was made by Council Member Emily Davis and seconded by Council Member Robert Brown.
  • The motion was unanimously approved.

Introduction of New Recycling Program:

  • Overview of the new recycling program aimed at reducing waste and promoting sustainability.
  • Discussion on the implementation strategy and community outreach.
  • Motion to implement the new recycling program was made by Council Member Laura Martinez and seconded by Council Member Sarah Johnson.
  • The motion was unanimously approved.
Structured Record

Action Taken: Approval of the 2025 Budget Proposal

  • Initiated by: Sarah Johnson
  • Seconded by: Michael Thompson
  • Linked Project: 2025 Budget Proposal
  • Date: August 9, 2024
  • Action Type: Approval

Action Taken: Community Center Renovation Plan

  • Initiated by: Emily Davis
  • Seconded by: Robert Brown
  • Linked Project: Community Center Renovation Plan
  • Linked Property: Midways Community Center
  • Date: August 9, 2024
  • Action Type: Renovation

Action Taken: Introduction of New Recycling Program

  • Initiated by: Laura Martinez
  • Seconded by: Sarah Johnson
  • Linked Project: New Recycling Program
  • Date: August 9, 2024
  • Action Type: Introduction
    "govset-actions": [
            "action": "Approval of the 2025 Budget Proposal",
            "initiatedBy": "Sarah Johnson",
            "secondedBy": "Michael Thompson",
            "linkedProject": "2025 Budget Proposal",
            "date": "August 9, 2024",
            "actionType": "Approval"
            "action": "Community Center Renovation Plan",
            "initiatedBy": "Emily Davis",
            "secondedBy": "Robert Brown",
            "linkedProject": "Community Center Renovation Plan",
            "linkedProperty": "Midways Community Center",
            "date": "August 9, 2024",
            "actionType": "Renovation"
            "action": "Introduction of New Recycling Program",
            "initiatedBy": "Laura Martinez",
            "secondedBy": "Sarah Johnson",
            "linkedProject": "New Recycling Program",
            "date": "August 9, 2024",
            "actionType": "Introduction"


Why Choose GovSet?

We are the first service provider exclusively focused on preparing public sector records for structured data applications.

Specialized Expertise

We understand the unique information, use cases, and compliance requirements of public records.


Our defined-entity and alias model standardizes local government fields, ensuring a comprehensive data structure.

User-Friendly Workflows

Designed with civil servants in mind, our workflows make data access and utilization efficient and effective.

Develop Your Source of Truth

Practical applications of generative AI are increasingly being deployed by government agencies. In order to maximize the effectiveness and customization of generative AI, governments must have high-quality data compiled in a machine-readable format.

GovSet aids governments in establishing a reliable ‘source of truth’ by structuring and standardizing public sector records and administrative files. By converting unstructured documents into structured, machine-readable information, we create a robust data environment that maximizes AI capabilities, enabling meaningful insights, accurate predictions, and informed decisions.


Compile and standardize information from the formats you use most.

  • File Formats like PDF, DOC, and TXT
  • Spreadsheets (Excel, Google Sheets, CSV)
  • Cloud Storage and Applications like Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive
  • Meeting audio and video recordings






Meeting Recordings

Our Process

1. Data Sources Audit

  • Identifies data sources and formats within your organization.
  • Comprehensive inventory and assessment of data quality.

1. Data Identification

  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Entity Extraction
  • Categorize records by type
  • Identify relevant time periods

1. Structured Data Ingest

  • Converts and integrates your data into a structured, machine-readable format.
  • Standardization and alias matching.
  • Related Records Linkage

Our Plans

$ 7,950

Public Records Ingest

Ingest up to five years of your agency's transactional public records, including:

Meeting minutes and agendas

Meeting Recordings


Public Notices

RFPs, RFQs, and Contracts

Press Releases

State and Federal Grant Applications

$ 25K+

Internal Records Model

Index and deploy a govset model and datalake for public records and internal administrative files.

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