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Government Videos Don’t Need to Be Boring. Ordinary. Complicated. 

Government procurement processes work for aircraft carriers and toilet paper. We make them work for creative projects, too.

What We Do

Crafting stories that perfectly portray your program mission.

We turn cutting edge technologies, complex geopolitical descriptions, and “inside baseball,” into stories that capture the attention of leaders, stakeholders, and the public at large.

Need a recruiting video that packs the punch of a Hollywood blockbuster? Check.

Want us to jump out of an aircraft? We’ll pack our parachutes as soon as you give the word.

Need an interactive 3D gaming experience to grab attention at a conference? Done.

Need us to tell a two-star general that we can’t use Comic Sans? We’ll send the message; the rest is out of our hands.

Our Clients

We work best with clients who operate at the border of what’s currently possible and who constantly seek to walk that border forward. Special forces, disaster and first responders, and agencies working with emerging technologies.

Our Specialties

Cinematography in and around government buildings and DoD installations
Program-oriented video production
Immersive digital experiences
Animation—2D and 3D
Social media campaign management and content development
Critical Messaging and Influence Campaigns

What Sets Us Apart

Tailored for Government Clients

Time works differently for government agencies than for the rest of us.

We know how things get done in the public sector. We speak the language of contracting officers and compliance specialists, and we’ve developed a buying process that keeps things clear and simple right through line-item quoting. We also work fast, because not everyone does. We’re happy to hurry up and wait with you.

The Communications Partner You Deserve

Government buyers aren’t always used to responsive service. We aim to change that. We start by listening carefully to you, learning your communication needs and program mission inside and out. And we keep the communication flowing with a complete onboarding process that maximizes year-over-year value with visual style guides, detailed content plans, and a thorough roadmap for each project.

Our Process


HarveyCSG collaborates with you and your contracting officer. Our goal? To pinpoint the optimal contracting vehicle and craft a clear, comprehensive statement of work. In this phase, we also establish the format and duration of your final video deliverables.

Creative vision and Treatment

Every project begins with a concise creative brief and a narrative treatment. Share your vision, and we’ll partner with you to determine the who, what, where, when, why, as well as the overarching aesthetics of the video.


Drawing inspiration from the treatment, our team crafts a detailed script. This script encompasses dialogue, voice-over instructions, timecodes, and visual directives.


Here, the script evolves into a visual narrative. Our adept storyboard artist integrates the aesthetics defined in the creative vision phase with the matured script. The outcome? Dynamic storyboards that present a tempo-synchronized rendition of the envisioned video.


This is where your story comes to life. Be it intricate animations in a studio or on-location filming, every moment is orchestrated with precision. For on-site shoots, we collaborate with you to develop a detailed production plan, complete with minute-by-minute schedules, defined shooting goals, and required resources.


Harnessing the raw materials from the production phase, we sculpt refined video cuts, ready for your review.

Delivery and ongoing support

Once we secure your nod of approval on the fine-cut, we provide your video deliverables, in formats ready for public distribution—both online and via traditional media channels. And, to ensure accessibility, every video comes with 508 compliant subtitles. But our commitment doesn’t end at delivery. As your ongoing communications partner, HarveyCSG retains a copy of the source files, ensuring you can revisit or revise the video whenever the need arises.


While each project is unique, we have developed a range of model projects to aid government buyers in their decision-making process.



You’ve been asked to “make a video.” You’re not sure how it’ll be used, and we’ll deliver professional results, on time and on budget.

Roughly one minute.



A conference is coming up and your boss is delivering the keynote speech.

Roughly two minutes.



You’re big Army. Or big Navy. Or big Gov. Your messaging needs to be just as big.

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About Us

Founded in 2017, The Morningside Group (formerly Colonial Systems, LLC) serves as both a prime and subcontractor for public-sector clients, including the US Army Futures Command, US Special Operations Command, US Army Corps of Engineers, and various State and Local agencies. We draw on our extensive experience with the special operations community and our deep roster of top adventure sports talent to deliver extraordinary results in high-stakes situations.